Start your day off right!

Hi guys!

Have you ever noticed that after a salty dinner your face is puffy, or a few cocktails or cups of coffee too many can leave your cheeks a little red? What you put into your body changes the way you feel inside, but definitely shows on the outside too!

While I don't always make the best food choices -HELLLOOOOO chocolate cravings!- I am always conscious of what I'm putting in my body. I recently developed a gluten allergy (not fun, trust me) and have had to really change the way I choose what I eat. My body craves protein, and I make sure to have a decent portion of protein in every meal to keep me satiated and curb those extra cravings!

I believe starting the day off right with an large amount of protein, and few carbs or sugar is the way to go for me. As a massage therapist and makeup artist, my schedule doesn't exactly include a lunch break. This means I may have breakfast at 8 am, but nothing until 2pm. This is where protein is my friend! It keeps me full and energized longer so I can do my best work for my clients.

While sometimes my breakfast includes an omelette with cheese and veggies (i usually throw the leftover veggies from dinner the night before so they don't go to waste!), I normally have a delicious protein shake. PS...if you'll notice, the protein is chocolate, and I use PB fit powder for added protein. That's right, I start my day off with a peanut butter and chocolate shake! The best flavor combination known to man! In my opinion at least :)

Protein shake:

1 heaping scoop of bone broth protein powder (Ancient Nutrition)

2 tbsp of peanut butter powder (PB Fit)

1 scoop super collagen (neo cell)

8oz water

4 ice cubes

Blend, and enjoy!

This healthy start to my day gives me 32g of protein, with only 6g of carbs, and 3g of sugar. Try this yourself and enjoy!

xoxo, Lindsay