My Favorite Indie Beauty Brands part 1.

As I count down the days until I leave for the Indie Beauty Expo in London, I am compiling a daily list of my favorite indie beauty/wellness products that I was introduced to through IBE.

We all know that when you achieve total body health, your true beauty shines. That knowledge is my mission in creating the Beautystasis brand. So what is one of the key components for achieving or maintaining total body health and beauty?


Enter Madison and White ( Their pillowcases have proprietary technology in their satin blend, never silk. This satin helps skin and hair to glide easily over the pillowcase while sleeping. Other materials can absorb skin care products, and put drag on the skin which can cause wrinkles. Plus, let’s be honest, sleeping on a nice pillowcase feels super boujee and is a lovely way to drift off to a peaceful night’s sleep :)

I purchased the Sleeping Beauty Kit ( which comes with two pillowcases. I only use one at a time and simply change them out once a week when I change my sheets. I can honestly tell you I have noticed a huge difference in my skin when I wake up. My skin feels moisturized, never dry, and not a single sleep wrinkle to be found! This product also claims to help prolong your hair blowout, but I sleep with my hair up every night so I can’t make a fair statement on that.

If you are looking to add an item to your health and beauty routine, I highly recommend any of the products from Madison and White. I have had comments before when posting my eternal love for these pillowcases that the price seems high. Think of it this way, an $80 night cream lasts 3 months at the most before having to reinvest. These pillowcases last far longer, and most likely do more for your skin-and psyche than a cream in a jar. Pair the cream and the pillowcase and it is a match made in beauty sleep heaven!

Sweet dreams Beauties!