Indie Beauty Expo Countdown part 3.

I’ll admit it. I’m a sheet mask junkie. I love doing at home facials at least once a week, and love what a good mask can do for my skin. What I love about sheet masks in particular, is because they are one time use only, they are also super affordable. It’s a lot less of a financial risk to spend between $3 and $10 on a mask to see if it works for you, than to buy the $80 jar, especially if the store/spa you purchase from has a less than stellar return policy.

I found both Patchology and Florapy at the Indie Beauty Expo in New York City last summer and since then have used both lines’ sheet masks almost exclusively! Both use high quality botanicals and marine based ingredients in their products, and have a wide range in their line that cater to many specific skin needs. I love that I can choose based on what my skin needs that particular day, whether it be brightening, detoxification, hydration, etc.

The best thing abut a sheet mask besides their long list of skin benefits, is that their individually packed masks fit easily into a carry on so you can hydrate while in flight! Believe me, I’ll be doing this Friday on my way to Paris :)

Cheers to good skin Beauties!



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