Eat from the Rainbow?

"The food we eat becomes a part of us." - Nina Fearon, RDN

I recently took part in a discussion with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Nina Fearon focusing postively on Nourishing Nutrition. Rather than discussing what should be eliminated from our diet in order to live a healthy lifestyle, we talked about what we could add!

By consuming vibrant, colorful, nutrient dense foods, AKA eating from the rainbow, we can look forward to increased total body health, energy, and even a new found pleasure in eating. What a treat! When shopping, looking for foods rich with color is the way to go. Rich red bell peppers, purple cabbage, bananas, broccoli, blueberries are things to add to your cart, while processed foods (that may or may not even contain real food matter at all!) should be avoided. The consumption of whole foods-which contain phytonutrients- also increases the immune system and can aid to reduce cancer cells.

Nina also shared some great tips for finding joy in eating well. Taking the time to eat, writing it down, prepping good food, and taking mindful eating one step at a time are easy ways to bring good food and nutrition to your soul while not feeling overwhelmed.

"Practice eating as an act of self-care and self-love. Nourish yourself!"-Nina Fearon, RDN

lindsay lewis