Summer is Here!

Summer is here! 

This is by far my favorite season (fall is a close second). I live in a small town in Northern Michigan nestled along Lake Michigan and two other inland lakes. Boat days are a must on the weekends, farmers markets are abundant, and there are always a few festivals going on!

Farmers markets offer fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic meats and cheeses to nourish the body while supporting local artisans, growers, and farmers. They are a great way to walk around and enjoy the summer weather, while finding new foods to try! My local Farmers market has Crepe stations, local bakers, wineries, and fresh flowers every week while outdoor yoga is offered all in the same beautiful park that overlooks our marina. It is absolute perfection! Supporting local while feeding my body and soul with good organic food and yoga in the sunshine is definitely what drives my Beautystasis :)  What fuels yours?

xoxo, Lindsay

lindsay lewis